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Many different ways to say COLD!

Many different ways to say COLD!

Frosty, biting, brumal: you think the Eskimo’s have it all when it comes to talking about cold? Here are a variety of words to describe how your swim may be feeling.

ALGID [al-jid] – adjective. Cold; chilly.

ARCTIC [ahrk-tik] – adjective. Extremely cold, frigid.

BITING [bahy-ting] – adjective. Nipping; smarting; keen.

BITTER [bit-ar]  – adjective. Causing a sharply unpleasant, painful, or stinging sensation; harsh.

BOREAL [bawr-ee-uhl] – adjective Of or pertaining to the north wind.

BRUMAL [broo-muhl] – adjective. Wintry. Of, pertaining to winter.

CHILLY [chil-ee] – adjective 1. Mildly cold or producing a sensation of cold; causing shivering; chill.  2. Feeling cold; sensitive to cold.  3. Without warmth of feeling; cool/

COLD [kohld] – adjective 1. Having a relatively low temperature; having little or no warmth.  2. Feeling an uncomfortable lack of warmth; chilled.  3. Having a temperature lower than the normal temperature of the human body.

COOL [kool] – adjective 1. Moderately cold; neither warm nor cold: a rather cool evening.  2. Feeling comfortably or moderately cold: “I’m perfectly cool, but open the window if you feel hot”.  3. Imparting a sensation of moderate coldness or comfortable freedom from heat.

FREEZING [free-zing] – adjective 1. (of temperatures) approaching, at, or below the freezing point.  2. Extremely or uncomfortably cold; chilled.  3. Beginning to freeze or partially frozen; in the process of being or becoming frozen.

FRIGID [frij-id] – adjective 1. Very cold in temperature.  2. Without warmth of feeling; without ardor or enthusiasm.

FRORE [frawr, frohr] – adjective. Archaic. Frozen; frosty.

FROSTY [fraw-stee, fros-tee] – adjective. 1. Characterized by or producing frost; freezing; very cold.  2. Consisting of or covered with a frost 3. Lacking warmth of feeling; unfriendly.

GELID [jel-id] – adjective: Extremely cold; icy.

GLACIAL [gley-shuhl] – adjective 1. Of or pertaining to glaciers or ice sheets.  2.  Characterized by the presence of ice in extensive masses or glaciers.  3 bitterly cold; icy: a glacial winter wind.

HIEMAL [hahy-uh-muhl] – adjective. Of or pertaining to winter; wintry.

ICY [ī’sē] – adjective. 1 Containing or covered with ice. 2. Bitterly cold; freezing

INCLEMENT [in-klem-uhnt] – adjective 1. (of the weather, the elements, etc.) Severe, rough, or harsh; stormy.  2. Not kind or merciful.

KEEN [keen] – adjective. 1. Sharp, piercing, or biting. 2. Intense, as feeling or desire.

NIPPY [nip-ee] – adjective. 1. Chilly or cold 2. Sharp or biting; tangy:

NUMBING [nuhm-ing] – adjective. Causing numbness or insensibility; stupefying

ONE-DOG NIGHT. – Expression. A night so cold you need to sleep with a dog to keep warm. A two-dog night implies it’s really chilly.

WINTRY [win-tree] – adjective. 1. Of or characteristic of winter. 2. Resembling winter weather; having snow, frost, cold, storms, etc 3. Suggestive of winter, as in lack of warmth or cheer.

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