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Why native speakers speak fast?

We use contractions in everyday speech and informal writing.
In today’s class we will learn normal contractions like:
have to which becomes hafta, or out of becomes outta, to extreme contractions like
how did you becomes Howdja?
Contractions are sometimes called ‘short forms’, commonly used , in a shorter form. Native speakers use them all the time, and learning them is quite handy for everyday conversations.
Contractions are usually not appropriate in formal writing. I’ll leave a pdf for this class, check the link below:)
Let’s get the ball rolling 🙂

Contractions with “to”

👉going to = gonna
She’s gonna call you later.
👉want to = wanna
They wanna buy a house.
👉have to = hafta
We hafta ask for help.
👉has to = hasta
He hasta hire an assistant.
👉had to = hadta
Julia hadta cook dinner for her kids.
👉used to = useta
Kate useta smoke, but she quit.
👉got to = gotta
You’ve gotta keep trying.

Contractions with “you”

👉what are you = watcha
Watch doing tonight?
👉do you = dya
Dya think she’ll come?
👉did you = didja
Didja get your haircut?
👉could you = couldja
Couldja drive me to the store?
👉would you = wouldja
Wouldja open the window?
👉how did you = howdja
Howdja do that?
👉what do you = whadaya
Whadaya do about an overdue library book?
👉where did you = wheredja
Wheredja put my keys?
👉what did you = whadja
Whadja think about the movie?

Contractions with “of”
👉kind of = kinda
It’s kinda hard to imagine their lifestyle.
👉lot of = lotta
A lotta kids are bilingual.
👉lots of = lotsa
Lotsa studies support bilingual education.

Contractions with ” Should have
Could have Would have
Should + have

👉Should’ve / Shoulda
I should’ve done a better job! I shoulda done a better job!
👉Could + have
Could’ve / Coulda
He could’ve known about the story He coulda known about the story
👉Would + have
Would’ve / Woulda
I would’ve finished if I had the time I woulda finished if I had the time

Other examples:
👉she would have = sheda
Sheda liked more time to prepare.
👉he would have = heda
I doubt that heda been able to play so well if he hadn’t practiced so
👉we would have = weda
Weda spent more time in Madrid if we could have.
👉you would have = youda
Youda done the same thing if he asked you to.

Other informal contractions

👉give me = gimme
Can you gimme a minute?
👉I’m going to = l’ma
I’ma be ok without you
👉come on = cmon
Cmon; we’re leaving right now.
👉don’t know = dunno
You dunno what you’re doing.
👉let me = lemme
Lemme help you with that.
👉some more = s’more
Could I have s’more cookies?
👉must have = musta
She musta forgotten to charge her cell phone

Next time you need to fully immerse yourself in a task, find a quiet space, unplug your internet, and leave your phone in a different room!

The book is here


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