English with Nab

Who's Nab

Who's Nab

a teacher, life coach,
wanderlust & photographer.

I've been an American English Coach for more than 12 years. I have spent years living and working internationally, Spain, France, Turkey, Morocco… and traveling to more than 50 countries.

My love of cross-cultural living and the rewarding experiences I’ve had as both a language student and ESL tutor have led me to successfully share my language and experiences with many students from all over the world.

But the biggest change I’ve ever had was when I moved to Spain ten years ago, moving overseas dramatically changed my life for the better.

In fact, there are a whole host of reasons why I decided to move to another country. Living overseas offered me new opportunities, new lifestyles, new careers, new directions and the most interesting thing ever is the language.

It gave me the opportunity to leave my past behind and reinvent myself.

As I always say to have another language is to possess another soul.

When moving abroad everything is different. Above all the language, arriving in a new country and having to quickly learn how to converse in a different language can be challenging.
Awkward situations are guaranteed in a new location. Making new friends and fitting in at work can be tricky at the beginning.

Learning to override the difficulties and overcome your fears will only give you more confidence, which is something you’ll never regret, also learning another language is not only learning different words, but learning another way to think about things, if you speak to.

You may be a bit shy back home, but living in a new country will give you the opportunity to grow, and you’ll have so many more interesting stories to share.

My Approach

I believe in instilling a passion for lifetime learning into my students. One way I instill this passion is by being a model lifetime learner for my students.

I believe that every person can reach their learning potential, with high expectations, the necessary support and opportunities.

I believe you must undertake your own learning journey, and I'm exhilarated to guide and facilitate your journey. I work hard to create an environment that celebrates achievement and progress.

In my experience as a teacher and languages learner for the past ten years, I have learnt that there is always room for improvement, and as I discover new and engaging techniques, I hope to incorporate them into my teaching and coaching methods.

I teach and coach all English levels as well as business English. I coach executives, managers, big and small businesses to grow to achieve their short or long-term goals. I love what I do and the students I teach.

I am easily inspired and love to find ways to improve learning for my students using a variety of strategies and ideas. My goal is to remain a flexible teacher, taking on board the new things I learn and modifying my practices as necessary.

I hope that I can motivate and inspire others in this same endeavor.

I teach from the heart, not from the book.