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How to use HOW?

How to use HOW?

A wh-question is used for seeking content information relating to persons, things, facts, time, place, reason, manner, etc. Wh-questions differ depending on the kind of content information sought.

Content information associated with persons, things, and facts is generally sought with one set of wh-words, and content information associated with time, place, reason, and manner is sought with another set of wh-words.

Today we are talking about HOW!

  • asking about extent or degree.

  • asking about condition or quality.

  • asking about manners.

  • distance.

  • length (time or space).

  • quantity (countable).

  • quantity (uncountable).

  • age.

  • asking for reason, asking why .


  • How did you know you loved him?

  • How long had Morino lived in America?
  • So how do these things get made?
  • How much more this difficulty must be augmented in the case of those who are both deaf and blind!
  • All she was doing was reminding him how powerless he was.
  • How beautiful it is!” he said.
  • How godlike, how immortal, is he?
  • How did he always manage to do that?
  • Actually, it was how my family always celebrated Christmas.
  • How did they happen to be so little?” asked Dorothy.

  • She had probably resurrected his memory of howLori had tried to break them up.

  • How can we do that?” asked the girl.

  • How much had he told Señor Medena – or howlittle?

  • And having got rid of this young man who did not know how to behave, she resumed her duties as hostess and continued to listen and watch, ready to help at any point where the conversation might happen to flag.

  • He might never say anything to Jonathan about it, but Jonathan would know in other ways how he felt.

  • How can this be?

  • How shall I write of my mother?

  • That’s how life works.

  • How proud mamma will be of her brave boy!

  • How can it be said that trade actually generates wealth?

  • He knew how to work with his hands.

  • Will you show me how to do that?

  • How old are you?” enquired Zeb, who stared at the yellow eyes as if fascinated.

  • It looks easy enough, now that Bob has shown howit is done.

  • First of all, dear friend, tell me how you are.

  • It makes no difference how they feel.

  • Then the crowd cheered lustily and Dorothy hugged the kitten in her arms and told her how delighted she was to know that she was innocent.

  • How many of them have filed for unemployment since they graduated?

  • In August he was at Smolensk and thought only of how to advance farther, though as we now see that advance was evidently ruinous to him.







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