Other Ways to Say “It’s Difficult” or “It’s Easy”

Alternative Ways to Say “Something is Difficult

     It is not so simple.

     It’s a difficult task.

     It’s not so easy.

     It isn’t a walk in the park.

     It’s quite tough at times.

     It’s a very tough task.

     It’s a bit tricky.

     The course is quite demanding.

     The course can be gruelling at times

     It’s not a course for the faint-hearted.

     It’s not the easiest task in the world.

     It’s (quite / a bit) hard going.

     It’s very hard.

Alternative Ways to Say “Something is Easy

     It’s a snap.

     It’s a piece of cake.

     There’s nothing to it.

     Anyone can do it.

     I can do it in my sleep.

     I can do this with my eyes closed.

     It’s easy as pie / easy as a, b, c

     I can do it with my eyes shut.

     I was born doing this.

     No problem is too big for me.

     Easy peasy.

     I can have this done before most can finish getting ready for work.

     It’s a walk in the park.

     It’s a breeze.

     It’s a cinch.

     It’s as easy as 1 2 3.

     It’s not rocket science.

     This is easier than drinking water through a straw.

     It’s childsplay.

     This work is like a drop in the bucket for me.

     I can solve this without having to move.

     I can do this standing still.

     This work is as easy as catching leaves in a basket.

     I can do this with one hand tied behind my back.

     This is like playing paddy cake.

     It’s easy as the wind blows.

     I can do this in the dark.

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