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Stop saying: “How are you?” // “I’m fine thank you”

I’m sure these two sentences were some of the first you learned when you started studying English. Am I wrong?

Most of the English books show this (old and boring) example in a conversation 🙄😒

You probably still use them.

The fact is: native speakers hardly ever use these two sentences.

So, if you want to speak more naturally, here are some examples to increase your vocabulary and make your greetings more like a native speaker.

Other ways for: HOW ARE YOU?

Common ones:

  • How are you doing?
  • What is happening?
  • How’s everything?
  • How’s it going?
  • How are things going?
  • How are things?
  • What’s up?
  • What’s new?
  • You all right?
  • How have you been?
  • What are you up to?
  • Howdy!
  • What’s new with you?

Cool ones:

  • What’s good in the hood?
  • Long time no see!
  • How are you holding up?
  • Sup?
  • What up?
  • Wassup home skillet?
  • What’s crackalatin’?
  • What’s popping?
  • What’s crackin’?
  • What’s shakin’?
  • How’s it rolling?
  • How is life sailing?

Other ways for: I’M FINE!

Common ones:

  • I’m good.
  • Not bad.
  • I’m well.
  • I’m OK.
  • I’m alive.
  • Pretty good.
  • Doing great.
  • So far, so good!
  • Nothing much.
  • Could be better.
  • Surviving, I guess.
  • I’ve been better.
  • I’m not sure yet.
  • Not as good as others.

Cool ones:

  • Oh, just the usual.
  • I am high-quality.
  • I’m blessed!
  • Better than some.
  • Sunshine all day long!
  • Better than nothing.
  • Just the same old same old.
  • I’m hanging in there.
  • Oh gosh, all kinds of stuff!
  • I’m still sucking air.
  • Different day, same existence.
  • Some shit, different toilet.

Check out the pronunciation and intonation in the video I made for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OenW8xY1LsM 

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